Clinical Journal – Performance Evaluations

| April 22, 2014

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Clinical Journal – Performance Evaluations
Evaluating staff performance in the workplace is an important responsibility of the nurse manager and one that requires skills in communication, documentation, coaching, disciplining and staff development. Respond to the criteria below using current literature to enhance the quality of your writings and support your reasons.
Explain the different types of evaluation systems and discuss how you, as the nurse manager, would use each type to measure a staff member’s job performance.
10 points
Explain how you, as a nurse manager, can ensure the performance appraisal process is nondiscriminatory.
10 points
Discuss how you, as a nurse manager, would collect evidence of an individual’s job performance.
15 points
Discuss how you, as a nurse manager, would prepare and conduct an appraisal interview.
15 points
Identify potential performance appraisal problems and discuss the measures you would take as a nurse manager to prevent these problems.
15 points
Discuss the performance evaluation process in your workplace. Identify how often staff evaluated and who is involved in the evaluation process. Explain if this evaluation process has a negative or positive impact on the employee.
10 points
If you were the nurse manager, discuss what would you do differently to improve the performance appraisal process at your place of employment.
15 points
APA format & at least 2 reference other than the web to support your writings.
10 points
Important Information About Journal Writing
I have read journal # 2 and will be posting grades soon. I have some concerns about how some of you are addressing the criteria on the rubric in the writing of your journal. The rubrics for each journal provides you with clear expectations of what to include your writings. Some of you are not addressing all criteria on the rubric. You must fully and clearly respond to the all criteria asked on the rubric while demonstrating the application of the assigned readings and resources.
Also, as I wrote in Helpful Hints, there were some very informative resources provided with each module for you to review especially the Mindtools videos. Some writings did not demonstrate an application of the knowledge you gained from reviewing these videos. I strongly suggest you review the Mindtools material as you move forward with your other journals. Readings and resources are provided to you in each module with the expectation you will read them and refer to the learnings you have gained from them to construct a scholarly journal.
APA needs improvement. Perhaps you need to review how to correctly reference from texts, journals and videos.
In summary, writing these journals is not about telling us what happens in your workplace. Instead you are writing these journals to reflect upon what you are learning from the readings in this course and then through your writings, how you would apply what you have learned to help you improve or change what is done in the workplace as a future nurse manager.
About Me
I have been an RN for nine years working at Med/Surge and Detox/Psychiatric unit in a hospital located at NYC.
Sullivan, E. (2013). Effective leadership and management in nursing. (8th ed).
New Jersey: Pearson Prentice Hall.
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