Clinical Diagnostics Case Study

| June 19, 2015

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Case Study

You are required to submit a case study. This will be in the form of a portfolio of evidence

which summarises and evaluates the clinical diagnostic investigations performed on a

patient in the clinical setting. You must provide a rationale for each investigation and

demonstrate an understanding of associated pathophysiology. Within the case study you

must make reference to patient safety, staff safety and highlight the relevant policies and

guidelines both internally and externally that govern the safe provision of diagnostic tests.

1600 notional words;

This must meet Learning Outcome nos 2 and 3;

2. Interpret diagnostic data and develop informed decisions concerning the appropriate

response whilst adhering to agreed treatment protocols and guidelines.

3. Critically and reflectively evaluate the clinical diagnostic process including aspects of

patient care, patient safety, legal and professional issues, the clinical environment, and

the recording of accurate documentation.


Contents of the Case Study Portfolio

An initial assessment and evaluation of the health profile of an individual within their care.

The health profile (anonymous) will include the patient/client biographical data, and their

past and current medical history and will be placed within the appendices of the assignment

and will not be included in the word count.

Clinical data: Diagnostic test results will be described in detail and analysed. The analysis

will identify abnormal results, the implications of the abnormal results, their impact on the

patient’s health and appropriate treatment modalities.

You will evaluate the clinical diagnostic process from sample collection to safe disposal.

Within this evaluation you will highlight local and national health and safety regulations

including COSHH (The Control of Substances and Hazardous to Health).

You will critically reflect on the implications of abnormal test results evaluating the

implications and your own skill development in promoting the physical health and well-being

of individuals in your care.


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