Client Assessment in the Workplace

| February 14, 2014

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Students need to observe a client assessment in their workplace. If students are involved in assessment in their paid work they may use this experience. Students should get the permission of their supervisor to use the observation or assessment in this assignment by completing the attached supervisor’s statement.
After observing the client assessment students need to answer the following questions. Students need to take care to meet privacy and confidentiality requirements.
I will upload case study details of client and readings.
1. Needs assessment
1.1 What needs were identified through the assessment? In particular any multiple or complex needs. 10 marks
1.2 How were these needs prioritised? 10 marks
2. Client Relationship
2.1 What skills and strategies were used by the worker conducting the assessment to develop and maintain the relationship with the client? 10 marks
2. 2 How was the client involved in the process? 10 marks
3. Assessment tools
3.1 Attach a copy of the needs assessment tool/s used by the workplace. This may include intake, assessment forms, initial interview forms etc 4 marks
3.2 How were these tools used in the assessment process? 4 marks
3.3 How effective do you think the assessment process was in assisting the client to identify and meet needs? Give reasons for your answer. 4 marks
3.4 How could this process be improved? 4 marks
3.5 Identify the organisations policies and procedures that discuss the use of assessment tools. 4 marks
4. Specialist services
4.1 Identify two specialist agencies that will be or could be involved in providing services to the client. 4 marks
4.2 For each agency, describe the services, entry criteria and assessment processes. 16 marks
5. Student Skills
Consider your current skills and experience
5.1 What skills do you a have that would have enabled you to conduct the assessment? 10 marks
5.2 What skills do you need to develop to be able to conduct complex assessment? 10 marks
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