Classical ethical theories (Utilitarian, Kantian, Virtue)

| May 26, 2015

How would one of the classical ethical theories (Utilitarian, Kantian, Virtue) apply to the ethical dilemma? This means how would, say, a Utilitarian, a Kantian or a Virtue ethicist respond to the question and attempt to resolve the dilemma? You should plan to explain the ethical theory you choose to apply (please only use ONE theory).


What is one ‘outside source’ (not from our text or assigned readings) that directly addresses the ethical dilemma you cited earlier?  How does this ‘outside source’ specifically respond to the ethical dilemma and is this response similar to, or different from, the classical ethical theory’s response (ie, compare/contrast two different philosophical responses to the ethical dilemma).


How would you attempt to resolve the ethical dilemma?  Would it compare or contrast with either of the previous two responses (classical ethical theory, outside source)? If it contrasts, then what specifically do you find disagreeable with either or both of the prior responses? If your response compares favorably, then what specifically about one or both of the philosophical responses do you find agreeable and why?

 Suggestions: Typed, double-spaced, one-inch margins (top,bottom,sides), bibliography or works cited papge, cite any sources that are not coming from you, 5-7 pp length., define any relevant terms that you learned from this class.

 You should refer to the hand-out on writing more effectively (posted on eCompanion) for suggestions on organization, what to do/what not to do, etc.

 Due By The Day Of The Scheduled Final Exam ( Wednesday 6/10). Any paper received or submitted AFTER 5:30 pm on 6/10 will not be eligible for credit consideration. Emailed final drafts are not acceptable for credit. Rough drafts are strongly encouraged and will be accepted via email up until Monday 6/8.

  **Please be advised that feedback on rough drafts is on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. I will try to provide feedback for anyone who submits a draft to me. However, if you happen to wait to the last minute for feedback, I may not have the time to read and critique your draft.

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