Civilization in the History of Greece

| February 3, 2014

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Write the paper from scratch no apa, no source, write in your own words, MAKE SURE THERE IS NO PLAGIRISM Answer each questions separate on Page 4 – 5 -6 answer them in this order – do not put the question on the page – put the number only 4 – 5- 6- and cover sheet free 4. What are the three (3) most significant patterns of transition in the civilizations of Persia, Greece and Rome between 500 BCE and 500 CE? What makes these classical civilizations different from early civilizations in Egypt, Mesopotamia, India and China? 5. Of invasion by “barbarians,” disease and famine, or political and religious corruption, which was most significant in the declime of the classical civilizations in Persia, India and China? How does this compare to the decline and demise of classical Greece and Roman civilization? 6. Of the three regions (Africa, the Americas and Oceania), which area had the most advanced cultures? Why was this possible? How should we judge which ones were and weren’t the most advanced?
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