Civil society, social capital and social capacity building

| April 21, 2014

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One of the roles of civil society is to build social capacity through strengthening social capital and building social capacity or resilience. These terms, while very closely linked, are not interchangeable.
One of the most obvious examples of where civil society can build social capacity is in the aftermath of a disaster. These occurrences, typically, are when civil society and social capital become most obvious.
For this analysis you are to choose an example of where civil society has been able to strengthen social capital and assist in building social capacity and resilience for the future.
No readings are being provided for this essay ? you will need to rely on your own research. Your essay must draw on relevant sources to support your argument and must, as always, be correctly referenced.
In marking the essays, we will be looking for evidence that you:
* understand the different terms in theory and how they apply in practice
* have used an appropriate example
* are able to describe how the concepts of civil society, social capital and social resilience are
relevant to your example.
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