civil law

| December 15, 2015

Were my civil rights violated?

Pulled over for high beam vio. Cop verified insurance was active, but i didnt have physical proof so I was ticketed. I was omw to Cripple Creek. It was after midnight. Cop told me I couldnt drive w/o ins card. He left me stranded & alone on the side of an unfamiliar and desolate hwy. He knew i didnt have a cell signal. I got scared so i dedided to drive to CC. Cop pulls me over again and arrests me for disobeying him. He realized he didnt have a charge to book me on so he left for 5 hours to search for a charge. I couldnt post bail until charged. He came back at 6am (shift change- so no call allowed) with some bogus charges. My first call was 7.5hrs after arrest! Ive been pulled over before without ins id cards and was allowed to drive away. He VERIFIED my policy was active. Was he wrong in telling me not to drive? Was he wrong in stranding me on a strange highway in the middle of the night? Was it malicious once he knew he didnt have charges shortly after getting to the jail?

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arbitration law

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