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| September 21, 2016

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Reflect on the relationship between design and structural demand. How do you determine the “maximum” load on a structure? Is the “maximum” load always a positive value (consider tension vs. compression, positive vs. negative bending, etc.)? One paragraph
Learning Log 2:
How do the multiple failure paths considered for staggered fasteners relate to ? P subscript n calculation?
One paragraph should be fine. Reflect not just on the variable explanation but also on the concept of multiple failure paths / limit states as a whole.
Learning log 3 :
one paragraph . Describe the difference between designing a member for compression member for tension .Which do your prefer, and why ?
Learning log 4 :
Briefly summarize your first team meeting to discuss the design project for this course. How do you intend to get started and/or approach the design? One to two paragraphs.
Learning Log #5:
State the principle of superposition in your own words. Why can you use beam shortcuts to fund ultimate moment demand for problem 5.5-4 but not for 5.5-9? One paragraph
Learning Log #6
What was the most confusing part of the beam-column homework? One paragraph
two paragraphs in one page , so three pages

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