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Citizenship and Ethics

Order Description

Writing Project 4: Perspectives—Civic Action & Ethics

Targeted UULO: Citizenship and Ethics

Texts: Work with a limited number of texts (i.e., 3-5). Below are specific texts and guidelines to help you identify a limited number of appropriate texts that will be
analyzed and synthesized.

Sources: Those that have been identified as relevant to the topic of citizenship, civic action, which also proposes a synthesized response to an issue. Core sources
include Thoreau and MLK and must be summarized by the student (no outside summaries are allowed) and serve as base response/synthesis. Additional material will be
assigned in class, in your textbook, or on WebCampus.

Hallmarks of Assignment (Purpose of assignment):
The assignment requires students to produce a formal proposal and/or analysis linked to the student’s selection of an appropriate genre and audience for the specific
purpose they have identified.
The assignment requires students “to participate knowledgeably and actively in the public life of our communities and make informed, responsible, and ethical decisions
in your personal and professional lives.”

Task: Write an essay in which you summarize 3 essays, then respond using various strategies (analogy, cause/effect, classification, comparison/contrast, definition,
description, examples, humor, narration, problem/solution, reiteration).

Your response needs to give new information to your fellow citizens. Consider the focus of your summaries so that you can build a meaningful, substantive response that
contributes to the essence of the ongoing conversation you have identified. Your response needs to synthesize explicitly from the summaries, developing a new idea.
This essay documents how you accommodate other perspectives, consider existing ideas accurately and succinctly, and develop new insight as a response.

Documentation: While you are expected to summarize, you can paraphrase important passages if they contribute to your summary. Quoting should occur very rarely if at
all. You are expected to cite all sources (3 to 5) with MLA in-text citations, authorial tags; these citations need to have a corresponding entry on the Works Cited

Audience: US citizens who can engage in core issues and generate thoughtful responses.

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