CHS200 Module 5 Case

| August 31, 2015

Suppose that you have been working as a labor and delivery nurse at a hospital in an urban area for eight years. A colleague of yours, Mark (48 years old), is the Charge Nurse. Mark has been working at the hospital for the past four years, and he is your immediate supervisor. Outside of the work environment, you speak to Mark regularly on the telephone and the two of you are connected by a social networking website. Sam is a 17-year old high school student who recently began working at the hospital as a volunteer to assist the phlebotomist in transporting blood samples to the laboratory. Sam has only been working at the hospital for two months. You, Mark, and Sam are dining in the employee cafeteria one afternoon along with four other hospital employees. A heated debate arises about how health care reform might affect your work environment in the near future. Some at the table feel that a letter should be written to an upper level hospital administrator to prevent any bad changes from occurring. This is a three-part Assignment, A. First, Explain Social Impact Theory in your own words (1 paragraph maximum). B. According to Social Impact Theory: • Would a letter eventually be written to the administrator? • Which member of the group would most directly influence your way of thinking? Why? • Why would the number of people participating in the conversation be relevant? C. How might media coverage of Health Care Reform shape the opinions of participants?

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