Chronic Illness

| February 24, 2015
Please include this in the the one page paper: 1. Definition of Chronic Illness 2. How chronic illness differs from other types off illness 3. The prevalence of chronic illness. If you can use this book for one of the references that would be great. It is my text book: (Chronic Illness: Impact and Intervention by Ilene Morof Lubkin and Pamela Larsen) 8th ED. If one page is not enough please email me so I can pay for a second page, but I think one will be sufficient. PLEASE use APA 6th ED. Not 5th ED. Ps. No title page needed Also you may need 3 references. Two is ok so long as all the information is found.

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Classifications of Skin Burns
Medical treatment – medical diagnosis, medications, surgery, and other pertinent medical treatment.


Category: Nursing

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