Christian Diversity

| September 24, 2015

Task Type: Research Essay/Powerpoint/Prezi/Song/Animation/Video
In this unit, we have examined the variety of Churches and their reasons for diversity in terms of Authority, Sacraments and styles of engagement with the world. There are consequences of this diversity in the life of the modern Churches and your task is to identify some of the challenges facing the Churches.
Task Description:
You are to choose a Christian denomination and discuss how your chosen Church represents and expresses the Reformation or Vatican II? You can do this by researching a key figure, event, or movement.
You must outline some key questions that you want to ask your chosen Church. Your questions must address at least two out of the three following:
· Dimensions of Authority
· Place of Sacraments
· Practice of engagement with the world
Task Presentation:
You can present this in essay form, PowerPoint, Prezi, song, animation, drama or video.

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Christian Diversity
Christian Diversity


Category: Religion and Theology

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