Choose an International Human Resource Trend that affects business life in the United States

Choose an International Human Resource Trend that affects  business life in the United States and worldwide, now and likely in the future:
In organizing and presenting your answer:
1. Define and describe the trend you have selected, including how and why it is a trend.
2. Explain how it may affect business, employees, consumers, locally – nationwide – worldwide.
3. Analyze the trend’s positive and negative aspects.
4. Develop and explain plans that will allow individuals to capitalize on the possible change (sequels) or to prepare for the possible damages (branches).
5. Include concrete examples to illustrate your points and principles.
6. Be sure to include all references and cite all sources – in text as well as in reference list (APA format required).
7. Do not repeat errors marked on your previous papers.
The final paper will be five (5)  to seven (7) pages (approx. 350 words per page), NOT including the reference and cover pages. It must be written in 3rd person, double-spaced in 12-point Times New Roman font with standard, 1-inch margins.  Please use at least five (5) scholarly sources (one can be your textbook). Please follow appropriate APA guidelines.
UNACCEPTABLE SOURCES:  wikipedia, encyclopedias, dictionaries, sites like eHow &, commercial sites that have no authors name and no dates, sites and papers lacking credentials.

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