Choice 2

| October 27, 2015

Briefly discuss the procurement process flow within the context of ERP.

DB Peer Response
How does SCM influence procurement

Choice 1

Enterprise Resource Planning integrated with Supply Chain Management significant influence on the procurement. SCM is regarded as one of many responsibilities faced by a procurement function. SCM is the act of managing and overseeing the procurement which is a process of getting goods you need. SCM improves this process through which a business gets its required goods. It helps in improving the overall performance of a company. Through this, a company can deliver products, assess the productivity of its employees as well as can better measure the quality of its products. Furthermore, procurement is liable for understanding where risks and costs arise in the supply chain as well as how they can be compensated without influencing the buying requirement of the same organization–particularly significant in process and construction companies such as chemicals and cross-boundary work etc.

ERPwisdom. (n.d.). ERP And SCM (Supply Chain Management), Features Benefits and Key Objects. Retrieved from

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