Chinese Women Situation

| May 19, 2014

Beyond biology, many cultures underline beliefs that women and men have functions and capabilities that are essentially different. The assumption has helped make perpetual and institutional sense on how males and female differ in regard to expectations of behavior, the family position, education, legal rights, work, and status in public. This often has resulted to women’s position subordination in the society (Evans, 130). The progress of women in China, the effects of the legal system, societal norms, professional practice in the field of Engineering and Technology, challenges and opportunities in relation to their career are subject issues discussed in the paper. In the end, a recommendation is drawn on the challenges that may improve women’s prospect in work environment whilst opening a path for future opportunities in China. Women have retained the traditional care giving position making them advocators of peace in societies. They have developed good communication and listening skills. Women also consider the needs and pains of others before the gains in political power. Yet, with all these invaluable skills, their effectiveness has not achieved the deserving position.

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