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| May 18, 2014

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My topic is about Chinese medicine and how bad it is. There is a certain format for writing this essay,
Write a multimodal academic essay describing your commodity, how it is produced and the issues behind it. Propose solutions to the issue, such as fair trade, legalizing/delegalizing/keeping the commodity illegal etc (This prompt can be used for all commodities).
Your intended audience is your professor and your classmates. You should observe the conventions of academic English and make your essay multimodal (use relevant pictures that you refer to in the essay, or sound / video clips).
You will be scored on how well you:
• Authoritatively state your position on the topic and maintain this position throughout the essay
• Describe the points in support of your position, including examples with precise and relevant evidence
• Anticipate and address concerns your audience may have about your position
The essay must:
• Have APA title page and reference page (using Academic Essay Template)
• Use at least 7 appropriate references, cited in correct APA style
• Be left and right margin justified (block style)
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