Chinese Ancient Religions and Philosophy on Korea

| February 3, 2014

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Length: minimum for entire essay is 2500 words, about 10 pages typed, double spaced. There is no maximum length. Place word count on title page. Criteria of evaluation: A. Depth of research, this involves an accurate general perspective; command of detail on your specific subject; understanding of strong evidence, if any, against your view; and suitability and strength of sources. B. Organization, this includes clarity, logic (there should be a logical connection among the points given in your essay), unity (maintenance of same theme throughout the whole, or a large section of the essay), coherence (smooth link between minor sections of the essay), and correctness of form (e.g., having foot or end notes, a bibliography, the use of proper grammar, etc.). C. Original thinking, you are strongly encouraged to put forward and support your own original thinking. Original thinking often makes the difference between an outstanding and an average essay. Above is the requirements of the essay This is East Asia history class and I am thinking to write about the religion and philosophies in China and such as buddhism, taoism, and etc. and how it impacted Korea. I want to write about how the religion from China affects Korea, how it got into Korea, what role did religion played in Korea’s society, economics, and etc. , how people adopt to those religions, and etc. Since it is a history class, current events or current history has to be less than 20% rest of them has to be from old events in the history. Use a text book called “Heritage of China ‘Contemporary Perspectives on Chinese Civilization'” Edited by Paul S. Ropp as one of the source if possible I also need a rough draft in 3days
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