Children's understandings’ of obesity

| May 13, 2014

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Please kindly read the first attachment which has question and answers that you need to use in order to do this assignment.
a second attachment has question which need to be answered has a part of this research assignment
the third one is the assignment guideline.
references need to be done using Harvard system of references, in alphabetical order, numbered from 1 to 15, on line materials you need to put the date you had accessed it.
First do an introduction, define obesity, quantitative and qualitative research, talk about the differences.
The main body ; talk about why you are looking at this transcript , interpret what the children are saying (boys/girls) start using coding . analysis each question has it stated on the easy. use color coding or numbers.
emphasis on how you collecting information, analyzing numerical data. scoring to measure distinct attributes of individual and organizations.
Comparing of groups or relating factors by experiments, cor-relational studies, or surveys.
Employing statistical analysis of data sets.
analysis of data such as words, pictures, or objects. how are alike .
Row data are ultimately qualitative true
follow the six-step research model…..
select study design , collect data, analysis and interpretation, dissemination, seminars, emails
Descriptive Vs analytically
-Individuals Vs groups.
– talk about the theory use in your research, eg ground theory, clusters, mixed methods , validity of consent from the participants parents,
– Talk about if participant information sheets provided. and update regularly if there is any changes.
-statement of informed consent
-maintained confidentiality and privacy,
-treat subjects with respect and dignity
_ Record data accurately
compare the two groups , recording the size, looking for relationship between two variables. measure samples ,
first 500 words is for quantitative method and the rest is for qualitative method
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