Childhood & Delinquency

| July 12, 2016

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  • The text explores what it refers to as the “adolescent dilemma”. What is the adolescent dilemma, and how are Erikson’ concepts of ego identity and role diffusion important to this dilemma? 2) Historically, the concept of “childhood” is relatively new. Through history, children have not always been considered to be distinct from adults. How were children and childhood perceived during the Middle Ages? 3) What were the Poor Laws and the Chancery Courts? 4) Who were the Child Savers, and how did their view of childhood differ from the view of childhood at the time? 5) The concept of Parens Patriae is extremely important in regard to understanding juvenile delinquency and the juvenile justice system. 5a) What does the term “Parens Patriae” mean (the translation of the term)? 5b) What is the philosophy of Parens Patriae? 5c) What agencies or policies exist today in our juvenile justice system that show influences of a Parens Patriae philosophy? 6) In the eighteenth century, William Blackstone (see the weblink in this week’s content folder) wrote his Commentaries. What did Blackstone write about children’s capacity to commit crime or develop criminal intent? 7) What is a status offender? Give examples of some status offenses. Why does the justice system have a status offender designation? Please use the textbook Juvenile Delinquency

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