Child soldier

| February 3, 2014

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Write a three page paper on child soldiers in west africa and tie it with africana studies. and write 1 page power point paper on child soldier in west africa.
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Conflicts in Africa, specifically in West African countries have been rampant for many years. As a result of these conflicts, loss of life and properties has been witnessed for a number of decades. Conflicts are as old as human kind. We can not avoid conflicts completely but they can be managed. Since human exhibits different behaviour and aspirations, this in most cases leads to conflicts. In West African countries, such conflicts have been fueled by a number of factors and individuals with different personal motives. Conflicts are caused by a number of factors like competition for resources, creed, and lack of strong law enforcers. When they are not well handled; small and manageable conflicts can blow out of hand, calling for international interventions. By the time conflicts get to these levels, many properties and lives will have been lost. During conflicting moments, innocent people face the edge of the sword, leading to family instability, separation, homelessness, disabilities and animosity. Children are not left behind during conflicts………….ORDER NOW…
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