Child Development Research Project

| November 17, 2015

While evaluating the material covered in this course, select a novel or current topic that you think could benefit from further research (having to do with child development). It could also be a topic that you would like to research in the future, if you had a chance.
In a paragraph of 5 sentences, describe the topic that you would like to research. Explain your rationale or reasons why this topic could benefit from research. Describe the elements of the topic that could also benefit society or the field of developmental psychology.
Then write a second paragraph of at least 4-5 sentences explaining the process you would use to research this topic. Do you think it would be easy or difficult to study your area of interest or concern? Why or why not?
In order to expand your understanding of the topic, identify a peer reviewed scholarly journal article that is related to the topic and that is not already part of the assigned course material. How does this article support your understanding of the topic you selected? Cite correctly in a Reference section.

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Describe how learning is accomplished from stimuli to processing
When Will I Die?


Category: Psychology

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