child custody

| December 15, 2015

I have primary physical custody of 2 children from 2009 order. Ex only pays $300 total in support. He is not disabled.

He has made almost $20/hr in the past as an electrician, but hides behind a job that pays about $10/hr and shows no initiative to work more than he does. $300/month total for 2 children does not go very far. I drive 70 miles one way to swap out kids for his visitation times: he drives 34 miles.Reached out to him to reach a reasonable solution, but he simply claims he cannot afford to pay more. He spends money for his own goodies, clothes, gadgets, but claims he has no money. I realize the Court will make the actual modification using my imputed income and his income on the child support worksheet. Even just trying to find middle ground using the child support worksheet has him paying closer to $650-$700/month. He does not keep my 2 children on medical/dental, which is a contempt item in our papers. Please advise if you think the court will see this as unfair to the children. We divorced in Pike County (he still lives there) and I live in Gwinnett with my 2 children. Where do I file?

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child custody
child custody

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