Child Abuse in War ‘Africa’

| January 9, 2015

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•An analytical and reflective account of the topic/issue
•Discussion and use of relevant theory and literature to explore issues raised within the report
•A critical appraisal of the debates, considering both supportive and counter arguments and using a range of sources.
•Structured discussion
•Concise written style (centre on tightness and clarity of argument)
•Clear referencing of appropriate texts
Appropriate use of evidence to support claims
•Appropriate use of grammar, punctuation and spelling
•A final evaluation – a considered statement which even if there is no conclusion, states this clearly.
•The review should be word-processed. You should write on one side of the page and use double or 1.5 line spacing. Harvard referencing should be used.
Be careful when introducing counter arguments and views, to reference anyone else’s material used. Opinions are of little use unless supported by counter arguments. Is a coherent discussion of information presented? Do the conclusions follow? Are they logical and are they the only ones’ which could be reached? What was omitted?
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Family Involvement and how it impacts Academic Achievement
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