Child Abuse Across Culture

| August 18, 2015

Child Abuse across Culture Child abuse is undoubtedly a global public health issue. In response to the recently released UN Secretary General’s Study on Violence Against Children, the World Health Organization has launched an unprecedented effort to prevent child maltreatment in all countries of the world. The following articles speak to the experiences of children of different cultures and the need for public health professionals to play an active role in educating parents of all cultures about child abuse. After reading these articles, please respond to the following questions in a 2-3 page essay. Your responses should be based upon your review of these papers as well as additional scholarly materials identified in the course of your research. Your Task Edwards, S. (2006, October 12). Many cultures accept ‘shocking’ child abuse. Leader Post, p. A.3. Massey-Stokes, M., & Lanning, B. (2004). The role of CSHPs in preventing child abuse and neglect. The Journal of School Health, 74(6), 193-194. 1. Identify a form of child abuse referenced in the first of these articles, and discuss the role of the health educator in preventing this specific type of abuse. 2. In the U.S., a majority of parents admit to spanking their children on a regular basis, yet in Scandinavian countries, corporal punishment is banned in both public and private spheres. Can this difference be attributed to culture? Please explain. Be sure to support your response with evidence from the scholarly literature.

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