Chicano studies

| March 23, 2015

We have spent considerable time on Chicanos/Mexicans  in Film and have examined the lack of presence of this particular group. Many Chicano artists complain that the roles offered to them are stereotypical and that they are overlooked for roles and instead they roles are given to actors from Mexico or many times are given to non Chicanos/Mexican talent such as in the case of the movie From Prada to Nada (please view clip).

But after viewing the film clips for the week, do you feel that the roles given to Mexican actors ( i.e. Lupe Velez clip) vs. the roles given to Chicanos (i.e. 187) or non Chicanos/Mexicans ( From Prada to Nada) are really written any better? Are they equally stereotypical?

What about the video clips of Dolores del Rio, Anthony Quinn, Edward James Olmos and Cantinflas? How do you feel they contribute to the stereotypes of Mexicans in film or do you feel otherwise?

Please explain your point of view and support it with concrete support, making reference to the clips and relevant readings for the lecture on cinema.

The clips that were used:

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