chemistry compounds

| September 19, 2016

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chemistry compounds
see attached file for instructions.
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Naming Compounds
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Running xxxxx NAMING COMPOUNDS 1 NAMING COMPOUNDS ? xxxx \* xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx
Naming Compounds
Student’s xxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxx Affiliation
Naming xxxxxxxxxx
Label each of the xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xx either an ionic compound, xxxxxxxxx compound, oxyacid, or binary acid. xxxxx xxxxx the xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx of xxx compound.
BaCl2 Ionic Compound Barium Chloride
xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx (III) Chloride
xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Dioxide
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Compound Magnesium xxxxxxx
NaOH Oxyacid (Inorganic) Sodium Hydroxide
NH4Cl Ionic Compound Ammonium xxxxxxxx
SF6 Binary Acid Sulfur Hexaflouride
xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Acid
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Pentoxide
N4Se4 Molecular xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx
SrI2 Ionic Compound Strontium xxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx (III) Oxide
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Acid
Given the xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx write the xxxxxxx xxx each compound
Xenon Hexaflouride XeF6
Lithium xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxx (I) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Sulfuric Acid H2SO4

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