Chemistry Assignment

| January 21, 2015

As part of chemical plant running continuously for 350 days per year it is required to provide a propane gas stream at a temperature of 80 and pressure of 8 bar .the source of the propane gas is available at 120 c and 1.5 bar .three alternatives to accomplish this process have been suggested:

a)compress in a single compression stage and cool the compressed gas

b)cool the feed gas to 70 c and then repeat par (a) above

c)repeat part (b) above ,except use two stages of compression with an inter cooler

The propane gas can be treated as an ideal gas for this comparison .use as basis 1000 kmol/h of propane and assume that the efficiency of each stage compression is 70%.

1-identify any condition of special concern that occur in each alternative if any

2-calculate the work load for the compressor the outlet temperature and cooling load for each alternative

3-design the compressor and the cooler(s) required for each alternative

4-determine the capital cost and the operating cost for each alternative

5-compare the economic advantages /disadvantages of the above alternatives .

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