Chemistry Assignment

You have a solution that contains 0.1 M Pb2+, 0.1 M Hg2+ and 0.1 M Fe3+. You would like to separate these ions by precipitation. For quality purposes, the precipitation of each ion must be complete to >99.9% and there must not be more than 0.1% (by weight) of one of the other ions in the precipitate, i.e., the relative error must be <0.1%. In other words, at the end of the experiment, you want to have three different piles, one that contains >99.9 of the lead, one that contains >99.9 of the mercury, and one that contains >99.9 of the strontium. Explain your answer: nature of precipitate, pH, concentrations etc. Use the textbook for any constants you need. Be quantitative in your answer.

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