Chem 101: Introduction to General Chemistry

| June 19, 2015

Chem 101: Introduction to General Chemistry
Quiz #1 100 points possible Due before noon on Wednesday, Jan. 29, 2014 Submit answers on moodle.
Each question is worth five points.
1. A student performed a density calculation (units of g/mL) on their calculator and the result was displayed as [0.000780467]. Which of the following is the correct way to record the value in scientific notation if the number should be reported with three significant figures? A. 0.78 X 10–3 g/mL B. 7.80 X 10–4 g/mL C. 7.80 X 104 g/mL D. 7.81 g/mL
2. What is the mass of a 35.0 mL sample of concentrated sulfuric acid? The density of the acid is 1.84 g/mL. A. 49.7 g B. 15.5 g C. 35.0 g D. 64.4 g
3. Which of the following statements is true? A. one degree Celsius is the same size as one degree Kelvin B. one degree Celsius is smaller than one degree Kelvin C. one degree Celsius is smaller than one degree Fahrenheit D. no correct responses
4. Which of the following would be considered a hypothesis? A. The height of a flame was measured at 1.26 cm B. The color of the flame looked blue C. The flame color was likely due to the ratio of oxygen to fuel in the burner head. D. None of the above. All are factual statements.
5. Which of the following is a property of both gases and liquids? A. definite shape B. indefinite shape C. definite volume D. indefinite volume
6. Convert 56.0 kg into pounds (lb). A. 123 lb B. 0.0081 lb C. 25.4 lb D. 39.4 lb
7. Which of the following is the largest mass? A. 5 g B. 5 X 102 mg C. 5 X 109 µg D. 5 X 10–6 kg
8. The speed limit in many towns is 35.0 mph (mi/hr). What is this speed in meters per minute? A. 363 m/min B. 939 m/min C. 1.06 m/min D. 3.38 m/min
9. A measurement of 3.0050 g has how many significant figures? A. 2 B. 3 C. 4 D. 5

10. Quote the price of one liter of oil when the price for one quart is $1.25. A. $1.25 per L B. $1.32 per L C. $1.18 per L D. $6.25 per L
11. The density of a liquid is 1.438 g/mL. If you have a 4.58 g sample of the liquid, what volume does it occupy? A. 3.18 mL B. 0.314 mL C. 6.59 mL D. 1.44 mL
12. A shinny metal sample is carefully measured. The volume is 9.60 mL and the mass is 85.44 grams. Which is the sample most likely to be? (densities in g/mL are Ag = 10.5; Cr = 7.2; Ni = 8.9 ) A. Ag B. Cr C. Ni D. None of these
13. Stored energy is called______________ energy. A. heat B. chemical C. kinetic D. potential
14. The dosage of a narcotic containing cough syrup is dispensed at the rate of 0.150 mL per kilogram per dose for adult females. The prescription is written for six days and is to be taken two times per day. What volume of the medication should be dispensed for a 125 lb adult female? A. 51.0 mL B. 17.0 mL C. 8.51 mL D. 102 mL
15. The 1 cm3 unit is the same as A. 1 g B. 1 cc C. 1 mL D. both B and C are correct
16. Which of the following is a measure of volume? A. kg B. mm C. mL D. nm
17. Express the length of an 11.0 in piece of paper in centimeters. A. 11 cm B. 30.48 cm C. 27.9 cm D. 254 cm
18. If heat is given off by a reaction, the reaction is called a/an __________ reaction. A. kinetic B. exothermic C. endothermic D. none of these
19. Which of the following substances will float in pure water? Density of water is 1.00g/cc A. wood, density is 0.468 g/mL B. mercury, density is 13.6 g/mL C. magnesium, density is 1.74 g/mL D. urine, density is 1.027 g/mL
20. How many g are there in 1 mg? A. 1000 g B. 0.01 g C. 0.001 g D. 0.000001 g



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