Chavez Ravine Culture Clash's

| October 19, 2015

I went to this show and the professor want me to write about it one page how did they performance the show and how does the story was? it was professional and great work and they used all theatre skills.
So the Professor requirement from syllabus is:
Theatre Department Productions Fall 2015
CHAVEZ RAVINE by Culture Clash
Directed by Edgar Landa
Based on historical documents and personal interviews, Chavez Ravine tells the story of how, in the 1950’s, the titular neighborhood in Los Angeles was taken by eminent domain to build a Richard Neutra-designed public housing project. City politics thwarted the development, and the land instead became Dodger Stadium. A cast of twelve plays dozens of roles in this all-too-true satire of gentrification, urban power structures, community identity, and Los Angeles history and culture.

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Monologue Project
Comparative experience and technical theatrical review


Category: Theatre

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