Charles Darwin

| February 3, 2014

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THIS ORDER MUST BE PROCESSED ONLY BY AN UK WRITER MOST PREFERABLY ADAM ID #7612342 PLEASE SEND THE DRAFT IN 48h of TWO PAPERS ! Extra Credit Assignment for History of Psychology Instructions: Go to the following website: Peruse and choose an individual as a topic for a report. In your report, address each of the following questions. Question 1: What is the background of/history that contributed to his/her ideas? Question 2: Present the theoretical, philosophical and/or research ideas that influenced psychology. Question 3: How did their theoretical, philosophical, and/or research ideas influence psychology? Write a one page paper on someone that is different from your term paper topic. This paper will be worth a maximum of 15 extra credit points towards your exam scores. This must be turned in by MARCH 1 in order to receive credit.
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History: American Revolution
Atomic Bomb & Manhattan Project


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