Characteristics of a hero and how they have changed since Beowulf to modern heroes (now)

| September 28, 2015

Beowulf ressembles the conventional Anglo-Saxon hero and the more broad legend of oral-customary epic from multiple points of view. He is talented in the discussing words and doing of deeds, famous for his ability as a warrior and advancing into an intense and experienced pioneer. He is likewise slid from a respectable heredity, which is imperative in conventional epic.
The primary attribute he has is real quality and ability at fighting. His quality is exemplified by his superhuman swimming capacity. His expertise in individual fight as a warrior is demonstrated in his lone battles with Grendel and Grendel’s mom, two to a great degree effective rivals.
The following critical attribute he shows is unwaveringness, going to the guide of Hrothgar, exhibiting fealty to Hygelac, lastly going out to battle the mythical serpent to shield the Geats despite the fact that he realizes that he will pass on in the endeavor.
At last, Beowulf figures out how to limit his energetic carelessness and pride and turns into an equitable and extraordinary ruler.

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Category: English Literature

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