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Character analysis

Assignment: Choose one character from either Trifles or Death of a Salesman. Note: If you wish, you may compare/contrast two characters; however, the characters must be from one of the two plays listed above ( Clarification: Both characters must be from the same play). Length: Three Full Pages of Text Minimum, Five Pages Maximum, Double-Spaced Throughout (Including the Heading and the Line Spacing between Paragraphs), Size 12 type, Times New Roman Format: MLA (Heading, Page Numbers, and Spacing). Parenthetical Citations formatted according to the Guidelines document located in the Course Menu. Checklist: Writing a Character Analysis Have you chosen a character who is interesting enough to serve as the focus of your paper? Have you considered the character’s words, actions, appearance, and interactions with others? Have you considered how and why the character changes—or why he or she fails to change? Have you considered how the work would be different if the character had made different choices? Have you considered how the work would be different without the character? Have you considered what motivates the character to act (or not to act)? Remember: No parenthetical citations are to be included in the introductory paragraph or in the concluding paragraph. At least three brief quotes as well as three parenthetical citations must be included in each of the body paragraphs. You will be including quoted material from the database articles (secondary sources) and the play (primary source) in the body of the essay. Works Cited Page For this essay, you will include a Works Cited page at the end. The Works Cited page is in addition to the three-page minimum text of the essay. The Works Cited page must include at least three entries, two outside (secondary) sources that you have quoted in the essay as well as an entry for the play (primary source). The secondary sources must be peer-reviewed articles from the TCC library databases (

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