Chapter Questions

| June 20, 2015

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Answer the following questions from the textbook in a Word document. Your answers should be about one to two paragraphs per question. Make sure the answer is written below each question

4-4. Describe the hierarchical and matrix organizational design.

4-10. Discuss the reasons why logisticians might be concerned with theft.

10-7. How does multiclient warehousing mix attributes of public and contract warehousing?

10-9. In terms of warehousing design, give examples of trade-offs involving space, labor, and mechanization.

10-15. How can warehousing productivity be improved without significant investment in technology or equipment?

Use this textbook; Contemporary Logistics
11th Edition
by Paul R. Murphy & Michael Knemeyer
© 2014, Prentice Hall




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You are required to research and develop your own case study material for this assignment
Operations Management - Assessment 2


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