Changing The Ethical Infrastructure Of The Cayman Islands Government

| May 19, 2015

The Dissertation provides you with an opportunity to undertake research into a signi cant aspect of leading innovation and change within your organisation. As part of your MA degree, you will write a 12,000-word dissertation on an aspect of leading innovation and change. The subject of the dissertation must be agreed by the academic team and the Head of Programme, and following the research methods element you should prepare a written proposal of not less than 2,000 words, to include: your reasons for undertaking the study; the learning objectives; your proposed methodology for collecting and reviewing data; speci c appropriate research questions; a list of key texts. Once a proposal has been agreed by the teaching team and in some instances the University Research Ethics committee, you will be assigned an appropriate tutor (dissertation supervisor) for regular support. The tutor will give guidance on aspects of literature search; understanding of key concepts; designing; planning and presenting the study, and relating theory to practice.

Learning outcomes

By completing this module, you will be able to:

1. Defi ne an area for research and establish a research question related to innovation, change and leadership.
2. Critically evaluate a range of appropriate methodologies for data collection.
3. Submit a research proposal to the University Research Ethics committee.
4. Critically evaluate approaches to collection and analysis of qualitative and / or quantitative data.
5. Analyse and present research data in clear ways, to inform and interest the reader.
6. Construct a conceptual framework which integrates theory and practice.

Indicative content

1. Approaches to research and framing the research question
2. Ethical and professional considerations
3. Methods for gathering quantitative and qualitative data
4. Identification of resources required for the research
5. Approaches to analysing qualitative and quantitative data
6. Presentation of research data and findings in the form of a 12,000-word dissertation

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