change management at deutsche bank saudi arabia

| June 19, 2015

change management at deutsche bank saudi arabia

Develop a 10-page paper, which utilizes at least three change models for an organization you know about. Assume you are the leader of change and indicate your role in the change. Utilize the change models (Senge,Kotter, and Trompenaars) .” Analyze the company or department first utilizing SPELIT model. Your paper will be judged on how well you analyze the organization, selection of appropriate change models, and possible use of adequate references when needed to illustrate your points.
• The three change models are:
1. 1.Senge’s Fifth Discipline Model. Resource(The Fifth Discipline: The Art & Practice of The Learning Organization.
And here is a review for it:

2. Kotter’sEight Step Change Model. Source (The Heart of Change: Real-Life Stories of How People Change Their Organizations)

3.Trompenaars Change Across Cultures. From the book(Managing Change Across Corporate Cultures (Culture for Business Series).

• The organization:deutsche bank Saudi Arabia.
• The issue: deutsche bank is a German global banking and financial services company; they opened in Saudi Arabia in 2006. They did not do really well because they did not understand the Saudi culture very well, or because they did not do a market research really well. After the economic booming in Saudi Arabia due to the oil prices when it went up in 2005, that might be a reason to attract them to the Saudi market. And maybe because of time limitation, they did not understand the Saudi market well, so they did not do really well when they entered the market that time. The goal is to improve and understand the Saudi culture really well so they can have a huge percentage out of the banking industry in Saudi. So, I am the change agent who is going to lead the change in the company using the three change models mentioned above, and do SPELIT for deutsche and another one for Saudi Arabia.


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