Change in Project for Course Work A.

| July 27, 2015

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I would like to make some change in my project no (81471812) for course work A , B and C . I received this email from my university and they didn’t like the title and the project A, so I want to resubmit course work A and make course work b and C match with it.
This is the university letter:
I have gone through your CW A. I am afraid I have some concerns regarding your title still, which is fundamental.
I understand that you can do your research through secondary data analysis, however the scope need to be stated very specifically. Conventional banking is a broad area, hence you are suggested to state the specific area which you are focusing on in terms of the research if you consider to proceed with the topic.
Also since you are going to present your research during a financial crisis, if it is a primary research, please note that you actually need to have such a situation at hand.
Also in order to undertake the research you should have a very solid financial background.
I would like to suggest you to select a specific organisation, identify an issue they face related to the area which you are interested and then develop your research based on that, which will provide you with a more clearer path when exploring.
Please note that under CW A you are required to specifically discuss the rationale by answering the below questions.
a) What is the research issue?
b) Why is it an issue?
c) Why is it an issue now?
d) What could this research shed light on?
without answering above questions in depth in terms of your research, i regret to state that you are unlikely to pass the CW A, then the same should be reflected on CW B.
I definitely understand your current position personally, however I believe it is my responsibility to point out mistakes and concerns and guide you towards a successful submission.
Please improve and send me CW A at your earliest. I am here to support you. I can check your CW A several times as a special case and all I need to ensure is that you are going to get through.


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