Ch.2 Of Fast Food Nation

| July 16, 2016

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Read Ch. 2 of Fast Food Nation By Eric Schlosser and analyze it as an argument based on the concepts of ethos, logos, pathos && kairos. Write the essay in third person only. No “I” statements. Cite your sources both in-text and on the works cited page. (Use a minimum of three credible sources like book reviews of fast food nation, biographical information about the author, etc.)

ETHOS: Who is Eric Schlosser? What are his credentials/qualifications as a writer? How does the quality of his writing add to his credibility? How credible are his sources? (He mentions some specific sources in the text itself, and there is a bibliography at the end of the book.)

LOGOS: How does Schlosser use reason and evidence to persuade the reader? How well-reasoned are his arguments overall? How persuasive are they?

PATHOS: How does Schlosser use emotional appeals to persuade the reader? Are these emotional appeals supported with reason and evidence? Are they effective?

KAIROS: This book was written in the late nineties and published in 2001. Why did Schlosser choose to write and publish the book when he did? What was the fast food industry like at that point in time? What were his motivations in writing the book (see the introduction)? Why was the book was an immediate and unexpected success?

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