Censorship and the media

| June 19, 2015

Censorship and the media
Access two television episodes. These may be freely available on Hulu (or elsewhere) or can be purchased for a small fee, e.g. via iTunes.
The Family Guy, Season 4, Episode 14, “PTV”
South Park, Season 5, Episode 1 “It hits the fan” (depending upon your source, this may be
listed as Episode 2: pay close attention to the episode title)
In a very short essay, respond to the following questions, for each of which you should respond in a short, concise paragraph. Keep in mind the usual writing and formatting requirements.
1. What language form or forms are under discussion in the South Park episode? What are the meanings or denotations associated for the characters in the episode? Cite specific examples.
2. Pay close attention to the long, humorous song in the Family Guy episode. What issues surrounding censorship are evoked in this song? Cite specific examples of censorship that are evoked in this portion of the episode.
a) Briefly describe your small business, to set the scene for your solution. Consider such things as what it will do, who your customers will be, and whether you will employ staff. These requirements will affect the constraints that will apply.
b) List as many constraints as you can think of that could be relevant, and give a brief rationale for each. Look at the business rental ads in the newspaper or online at reiwa.com to get an idea of the sorts of things that your potential clients might consider important.
c) Divide the constraints into hard and soft. Again, give a brief reason for your categorisation.
d) Discuss how your constraints are interdependent: which of your criteria would constrain which others, and in what way?
e) Give two alternative satisficing solutions that could potentially apply given your set of constraints.
You will be marked for this question on the following criteria:
? A clear definition of your small business
? A comprehensive list of constraints that are relevant to your particular situation
? Good analysis of the interdependence of the constraints
? Alternative solutions consistent with rest of analysis.
Question 3: Names and consequences (25 marks)
The name assigned to something can have significant practical implications. A pilot survey carried out by FSANZ (Food Standards Australia New Zealand) in 2004 showed that mislabelling of fish could occur at various points from capture to sale in Australia: http://www.foodstandards.gov.au/publications/pages/pilotsurveyontheidentityoffish/Default.aspx The survey was particularly concerned with barramundi and red emperor, stating:
“These species were selected because there is no ambiguity in the name they should be supplied under nationally and they are a high-value table fish which tend to be among the most commonly mislabelled species”.
Other countries have reported similar concerns: see for example the recent research described at http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-21993684
Using the sources provided above as a starting point, carry out your own research into this issue, which has progressed since the pilot survey mentioned. Answer the following questions:
a) Discuss who are the stakeholders in the Australian fish labelling issue, and explain why mis-labelling would matter to each of them.
b) What solution or solutions could be used to address the problem? How would these solutions affect the various stakeholder groups? Would there be any undesirable consequences?
There is no fixed word length, but you should aim for about a page on each question, not including references.
You will be marked for this question on the following criteria:
? A comprehensive analysis of the issues
? A good discussion of solutions and their consequences
? All research correctly and completely referenced
Question 4: Language and informatics (25 marks)
In this question you are to locate and summarise published research on a topic of interest.
Choose any ONE of the topics listed below, and find THREE quality references about it. The references you select should be from scholarly books, journals or conference proceedings. They should NOT be from commercial or personal websites, Wikipedia, the lecture slides or the unit textbook.
a) For each reference:
? Give the full citation details, using a standard referencing style. State which style you are using.
? Write a short (1-2 paragraphs) summary outlining the major points raised in the article.
b) Give a short overall summary of the topic in your own words, based on the three references you have located.
c) Suggest a question that could be asked which could advance understanding of the topic. (For example, if your topic had been the Navajo code talkers’ secret language, a question might be: “have there been any technological developments that would prevent the strategy of using Navajo as secret code from working nowadays?”


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Bibliographies with notes, annotations, and evaluations for the sources

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