Cellular Respiration

| April 21, 2014

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Each student must write one research report on their assigned toxin as well as on cellular respiration. The format for the report is outlined below. The report should be at least 4 pages in length, not including pictures. All text should be 12 point font and single spaced.
Format for Research Reports – Each student must write one research report on their assigned toxin as well as on cellular respiration. Each lab report should consist of the following sections that should be identified using the following word/wording:
Title – The title should be the name of your topic/subject of your report.
Introduction – Please provide a clear and concise introduction about your topic. If written correctly, the reader should be able to obtain a clear understanding of what the content of rest of the paper will be.
Main Body of the paper: This portion of the paper should contain an organized progression of information that is presented to the reader starting with a Background on both cellular respiration as well as the toxin you were assigned. Further information should then be presented as it relates to cellular respiration and the toxin and the importance of each as it relates to biology. In writing the paper, you can make reference to the case study as well as relating the importance of cellular respiration to cells and the body and then compare and contrast with the effects of the toxin on cell function and body function. The information should provide the reader a clear understanding of what is the focus of the research report.
References – Please include a list of references you used to create your report using MLA citation style. A minimum of 5 references should be cited (at least three should be a reference different than your book or the internet).
Terms – You must also properly utilize at least 5 different terms that you have learned during this course in the report. Please use a change in format, such as color, bold, underline, italics etc. to indicate that the term refers to something you learned in class i.e. ATP, mitochondria etc.
Grading and Timeline – This report is worth 50 points and is due on the day that the last group does their presentation. On this day, you will need to hand in a hard copy of the report.
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