Celebrity Quality Healthcare

| September 15, 2016

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Celebrity Quality Healthcare
You are developing a strategic plan for your healthcare institution.
A one-time Olympic champion from your hometown was recently diagnosed with a life threatening illness. You ask if the champion will share his story with the community and encourage testing at your facility. However, you must ask the board’s permission.
You develop a PowerPoint presentation to present to the board in order to persuade the members to give you approval to implement your plan.
Your PowerPoint should be approximately eight slides and include the following information:
Give examples of two celebrities who are currently successful spokespersons for an illness or disease.
Describe the contributions your selected celebrity endorsers have made to the quality of healthcare.
Explain how healthcare businesses, the government, and regulations may have been impacted by the awareness generated by celebrity endorsers of healthcare products, services or issues.
Assignment Grading Criteria
Identified celebrity spokespersons and illness/disease.
Described the celebrity’s contribution to the quality of healthcare.
Determined the impact on businesses, the government, and regulations made by the awareness generated by celebrity endorsements.
PowerPoint presentation is professional, used correct grammar, spelling, and word choice, and cited all sources using correct APA style
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Using the Data/Information/Knowledge/Wisdom Continuum
Strategic Management in Health care.

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