Cecills Hill

| March 27, 2015

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Report 1:
Q: Look at the sample given and make a similar structure,
The area is cecil hills
1. Location and City Council’s planning guidelines :
The area is cecil hills in Liverpool region
Use these sites as a references :
1)liverpool council LEP
2)Liverpool council DCP
For the location of the site, you must include:
Describe the location of the site (site must be located within Australia).·
Identify the local government (City Council) under which the site is located.·
Provide Google Earth map or any other map that identify the site·
Provide latitude and longitude details·

For the City Council under which your selected subdivision would belong, you need to provide:
Brief discussions on LEP and DCP objectives·
Guidelines or requirements for subdivision development·
Requirements on lot size, local and collector roads and open space requirements·


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