Causal Argument: History, Culture and Technology- Amusing Ourselves To Death

| May 20, 2014

In his book about television culture, Amusing Ourselves To Death, cultural critic Neil Postman presents his argument that our culture has made a “descent into a vast triviality” as a result of the television medium (6). More broadly, he argues that a connection exists between “forms of human communication and the quality of a culture” (9). Throughout the book he establishes causality between these two events – that is, the television age and the decline of civic participation central to a free society.

For the causal argument assignment, you are expected to write in 6-7 full pages a fully developed causal argument that establishes a clear causal relationship between technology and a current, observable cultural phenomenon. (Examples: Facebook leads/does not lead to a loss of face-to-face personal interaction; Reality television and commercials promote superficial cultural values, such as youth, beauty and wealth, which lead to increased psychological disorders).

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