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275 words. Multiple Questions

| December 23, 2015

Answer each of four questions using 275 words each and each question needs one source/reference. What made Native American peoples vulnerable to conquest by European adventurers? Why was the Constitution a controversial document even as it was being written? Why did women’s issues suddenly become so prominent in American culture? How did plantation crops and […]

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Literature Review (Local Effort)

| December 21, 2015

Please first read (Chapter_1) and (Chapter_2) files to understand the topic and what is required for this assignment than write (30) pages as a Literature Review. The review of literature should be based on the topic (The Minimum Local Effort), research questions, and cover all points that required. Please follow the instruction in (Chapter_2) file […]

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4 pages. Final Exam for US History

| December 17, 2015

One of the problems involved in teaching a survey history course is that so much must be covered, which means that little can be addressed in depth. Different historical subjects interest students in different ways, and to different degrees. I am also aware that the lecture and reading schedules did not coincide. Still, there were […]

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2 pages. Impacts of Limitations on and Advocacy for Civil Rights

| December 10, 2015

The list below includes some provocative discussions related to the events in the unit’s reading. You will choose one to write an essay, in a minimum of 2 pages, in which you will take a first-person perspective of the situation, describe the debate in your own words, and provide a justified and academically defended argument […]

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1 page. Common Sense

| November 24, 2015

Assume the role of an individual who supported the American Revolution (a Patriot or Whig) Loyalist James Chalmers, under the pseudonym of Candidus, wrote Plain Truth in response to Thomas Paine’s famous pamphlet Common Sense. You can click on the enclosed link to read Thomas Paine at Gutenberg Project. Then read the excerpted text from […]

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American Revolution

| November 17, 2015

I need 3 print references. The other two can be internet sources. I need a bibliography. 12 size font, times new roman. 1′ margins. It can be on anything about the American revolution. Get a 5 % discount on an order above $ 150 Use the following coupon code : 2020Discount Order Now

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Events surrounding the Native American assimilation efforts, specifically the Dawes Act.

| November 14, 2015

Unit I Essay Within this unit, you have learned many things regarding the Gilded Age, while getting a quick peek into the Progressive Age. Based on this knowledge from the lecture and readings, identify the one event introduced in this post-Civil War era that you feel best represents Twain’s imagery of the “Gilded Age.” Explain […]

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Equality and Civil Rights – American Government – short essays

| November 13, 2015

These are meant to be 4 short essays. I do not need a cover page, or references. Only do the essays. I have numbered each one. It’s important to make sure you cover each aspect of each question 1. Although the First Amendment holds that “Congress shall make no law…. Abridging the freedom of speech, […]

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Remembrance of President Abraham Lincoln

| October 21, 2015

Unit VIII Activity : Write two obituaries (minimum 250 words each) in remembrance of President Abraham Lincoln. To complete this assignment, you are going to assume the role of an editor for a fictional newspaper on two distinctly different dates. It is your choice of who your audience is and what emotion the content contains, […]

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U.s History.

| October 20, 2015

Identification : 1- Zimmerman Telegram” 2. “Fourteen Points” 3. Sedition Act of 1918 4. Treaty of Versailles. 5. “laissez-faire” 6. “Harlem Renaissance” 7. Herbert Hoover 8. Franklin D. Roosevelt 9. “New Deal” 10. Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) 11. Works Progress Administration (WPA) 12. “Lend-Lease” 13. Pearl Harbor attack 14. Rationing 15. War Relocation Authority 16. […]

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