Case Study/Counseling/Pastoral Counseling

| September 23, 2015

Case Study/Counseling/Pastoral Counseling

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Case studies. The case should focused on shame. The purpose of these assignments is to gauge the student’s understanding and discernment in issues of guilt and shame, participation with the Holy Spirit, redemptive counseling approaches, and skill development. Each student will prepare a 3 page response to the case including key discernments, questions to ask the counselee, and appropriate follow-up. There should be clear application to the course material.
Counseling Situation:
There is a video link of a person describing their shame.

He comes to you for counseling? What do you say to him?

Issues to address in your paper:
? What are the shame issues going on in this situation?
? What responses/consequences (positive or negative) do you see displayed?
? How is shame impacting his self-view and view of others?
? What counseling/listening skills can be used to discover the truth?
? What biblical passages or principles come to mind?
? How can you engage in soul care as a means to minister to him?
? What would be your first steps as a counselor?
? What would be your long-term plan?
? Other insights/considerations?
Also need to ask question: The communication level: -Heart then move to CBT -Mind, then move to FST-social and then real, reactionary or imaginary and finally, SOLER.

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analyse each of those two stories. one page per story with MLA format.
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