case study

I have an essay test questions that needs to answer 4 questions (roughly 1 page for each question and there is 4 questions) here is the case study Sally is a 42 year old woman who grew up in a home with critical parents who always pushed her to do better. She never felt like she measured up to their expectations no matter how hard she tried. In an attempt to get out from under their control, she married her husband at the age of 17 while she was still a senior in high school. She has 3 children who are now 23, 19 and 18. She also had a fourth child who drowned at the age of two while the family were on vacation. She has been a stay at home mom all her life. All three of her children are out of the nest as the youngest just started college two months ago. She is currently struggling in her marriage as her husband is so focused on his business that he rarely has time to spend with her. When he is home, he is constantly on his computer. She recently woke up in the night and caught him chatting and emailing another woman. When she confronted him, he claimed it was a business relationship and he was taking care of something for work. She had her doubts about this and later checked his computer and discovered several emails from this same woman. She feel she has never lived up to the expectations of her parents, husband and even her children. She also admits to struggling all her life with eating issues. As a teen, she restricted her eating in order to be thin, often spending hours in excessive exercise. As an adult she a times would binge and then purge herself by throwing up her food to prevent from gaining too much weight. At this point in her life, she coops by eating for comfort (and no longer purges) however she has gained 20 pounds in the last 3 years. She complaints of being depressed and anxious and is looking to you for help in knowing how to cope with her life. The sources to be used are the writers counseling opinion and these books Counseling Women by Dr Tim Clinton and Dr Diane Lanberg Handbook of Counseling Women by Mary Kopala and Merle Keitel The shortest time to choose from is 8 hours, but I need confirmation that it can be done in 2 hours, if I go over that time once I start the test I will loose points. Is there a writer available to do his essay now? I won’t be able to send the 4 questions until after I start the test and I don’t want to hit the start button until I know you have someone available