Case Study- Schizophrenia: Ms Krishna

| May 26, 2014

Ms Krishna is 27-year old Jewish woman with poor functioning. She is an immigrant, who was born in rural Egypt, and attained a 6th grade education. She does not have a family she can deem her own since she separated from her husband eight months ago after one and a half years of marriage. Krishna recently moved in with her parents. She is currently unemployed after losing her two-year job as an assistant librarian due to previous hospitalizations. Her parents brought her in for consultation owing to a recurrence of psychotic symptoms and deprived functioning. Ms Krishna is easily agitated, suffers from frequent hallucinations with striking thought disorder. She is certain that there are people always watching and following her, and feels incredibly confused. She says that she is capable of controlling people’s actions via looking straight into their eyes and can as well read their minds. However, she accounts perceiving sounds of manifold voices making comments to her that she will be murdered for inflicting crimes on other people. They also command her to kill herself, something she has attempted twice. In most instances, the voices emanate early in the morning, persist sporadically during the day, and at the wee hours of the night. She owns up to having previously perceived similar frightening voices but hesitated to report the incidence to her therapist. Ms Krishna is fatigued, feels incapable of thinking, feels damaged, and portrays modest levels of motivation, which trigger suicidal ideation. Her condition has deteriorated since her brother was sent to a detention center four months ago. Subsequent to evaluation, Ms Krishna was hospitalized within the in-patient unit where she was treated with antipsychotics. Upon admission, she accounted that all people around her could read her thoughts in a similar way she could control everyone’s actions via looking at them in a particular manner. Her symptoms reduced after the treatment and she was discharged under her mother’s follow-up.

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