case study question and answer

| October 24, 2015

Case Study 3 

Download and read the mini-case study from Katz and Green’s Entrepreneurial Small Business (2011):

Phionia’s Finicky Feline Gourmet Cat Dinners. (attached below)

In a well-written paper, answer the following case study questions, providing an answer of at least 200 words for each question, as well as ample explanation for each subsection.


Prepare the following budgets for the period, January through June:

Sales budget in dollars.

Production budget in units.

Direct materials purchases budget in pounds.

Direct materials purchases budget in dollars.

Direct manufacturing purchases budget in dollars.

Comment on the viability of this business and the advisability of the investor making a $50,000 investment to get it started.

Support your answers using at least two sources (for the entire assignment) other than the textbook. Your paper should be 3 pages in length and use proper APA style.

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case study question and answer

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