| May 19, 2015

Case Study:

The purpose of this assignment is to apply your understanding of the materials to a real situation.

As a consulting expert in emergency and disaster management, you have been asked to provide a brief to the organizing committee of the 2018 Commonwealth Games which will be held on the Gold Coast in Queensland.

The Organizing Committee of the games is seeking guidance as to what they need to do to ensure that the health preparations required for the spectators and the community (not the athletes) are in accordance with community and professional expectations.

In brief consider:

  1. An analysis of the risks and risk management strategies
  2. Your understanding of the  planning context
  3. The planning processes required
  4. Governance and other structural issues needed to ensure effective planning
  5. Other preparations required.


The assignment should demonstrate  analytical skills and understanding of the principles and practices of disaster preparedness.


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