Case Study in Ethnic Identity: Describe the shared features that characterize an Ethnic population.

| March 13, 2014

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At a MINIMUM: The bibliography should contain 3 or 4 books, excluding the course textbook, and 2 or 3 journal articles. Some internet references are acceptable, though NOT Wikkepedia, as this is not a scholastically reviewed source of information. You may include non-academic sources as ?extras? but these types of sources generally do not contribute much to an academic paper.
When using internet sources, students should give preference to academic sources, i.e. those web pages produced via university, or government departments. In most cases, internet sources should be considered supplemental to the main bibliography.
Online journals, from credible academic institutions, are acceptable as part of the journal article requirements for the bibliography. Please note that if you retrieved on line journal article from the library website you DO NOT NEED to include the website link in your bibliography. Just include a regular bibliographic citation of the journal article
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Contemporary Non-traditional Photography
How do different cultures deal with death? What social information might a sociologist gain by the study of funerary rites?


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